Devoted passion in the kitchen.

on May 23, 2020

A renovation during lockdown. Quite the challenge, but what a result! A custom made white kitchen with a concrete cire wall finished with wooden details to give it the needed warmth. Peter enjoys every minute of it, however in these troubling times he has to enjoy it without his 2 sons and his granddaughter. Thankfully he has Connie, they really depend on each other . Devoted Passion, is the name of the tablecloth which we see here, quite applicable. That passion for each other was tested during this renovation, for weeks they had to sit on folding chairs and during the cold month of February they were forced to go straight to bed after dinner because of a non-working central heater. However, they never lost hope, ‘ after 37 years of marriage, a little lockdown can’t take us down.

Brand new kitchen, though no family to share it with. But hey, we're healthy! Peter

Connie works as pharmacist-assistant and has a fulll time job. “Every measure has been taken at work to prevent any unfortunate contamination” she says. “Even plexiglass has been added to the counter and only one customer at a time is allowed inside. It took a bit of time to get used to it, but i feel really safe now.”Peter can work from home since he is a software developer. Though, he misses the contact with his colleagues. “what a hassle this whole situation, long distant meetings are just not my thing.” He says. “You really have to keep your head up and try to think positive, that can be hard sometimes. I can’t even go to a bar and have a drink with a friend or do anything impulsive. So instead I try to use that energy and bake, fry, cook, and try every possible recipe I can think of in our new kitchen. Bread made of beer is my favourite.”

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Connie has already baked some pies for several birthdays. In these times they just knock on their doors and put the pie on their doorstep. ”It’s good to stay connected with people like that.” She says. We don’t have dinner on this tablecloth just yet. We are waiting for the lockdown to be over. We really want to use it for a special event. After this situation we will invite everyone for a great family dinner. That is something to look forward to!”