Days of Tumult X Old Scuola

Old Scuola the restaurant is the flagshipstore + HQ of the founding father’s of better pizza.
This restaurant in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, is listed in the top 30 of best pizzerias in the world. Not only do they serve
the best pizza but the place is also a true feast for the eye. Beautiful, durable materials are used with a great eye for detail.
A story of two boys who fell in love with pizza... Neapolitan style; fluffy, not crispy, black spots included.
An uber creative brand, outspoken and known for their artisanal products. Values which are aligned with ours.

The only thing missing here is the DIY-pizza kit from their online supermarket.
[ Order at Old Scuola's Supermercato ]
Or don’t move, only set the table, and use their delivery service for warm pizzas & wine.

"Inspired by their drive and philosophy,
Days of Tumult developed two tablecloths to make
sure you can create your pizza dinner 2.0 at home."
Maruschka Kartosonto


Days of Tumult X Old Scuola

Flour Cushion - cotton tablecloth


Forbidden Foods - cotton tablecloth