Serene Twigs in a homeward journey.

on October 29, 2021

This woman! What a warm home! Look at the colours, the lighting, and all the finishing details. We can totally see that she has just moved in here, it looks brand new. "The house definitely needed a complete renovation, every part of the house had to be done. My brother, a passionate contractor, took care of it." Julieta proudly tells us. After a year of renovating her dream home, where she was born, it has finally been finished. Probably that’s what makes it feel extra. The journey from a childhood home to her own fully customized place of tranquillity.

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"The kitchen is the true jewel of the house. I love my fireplace and the way it blends into the kitchen area. The funny thing is, it was actually meant as a kitchen island, but that turned out to be really tight. It’s just great the way it is now.
I’ve been collecting everything from silverware to cacti and from napkin rings to vases all my life. Everything to style an over the top table setting for every occasion. I come from a large family, so I’m always ready to create a festive moment. If you think of it I have actually been preparing to move into a perfectly done home my whole life. And in this home every detail is a match. Now I have finally created my own Mediterranean home filled with all the things I love. That’s why Days of Tumult is just my thing. I can really appreciate a booming eye catcher amidst calmness. Especially in the conservatory where the lighting is superb the tablecloth really stands out."

One of the things which draws your attention is the Moroccan styled wall. Once she knew how to give it this effect, her father and uncle helped her to make this a reality. And the result speaks for itself, it looks stunning!

"The journey from a childhood home to her own fully customized place of tranquillity."

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"These times really force us to withdraw from expanding our territory." -Julieta-

"I love natural materials and colours, wood, bamboo, wicker. But during my travels I was drawn to objects with bright colours, which at first sight really don’t match. But mixing them in the right way really gives an extra spark to where you live. Being surrounded with these colours give me energy. I really miss it you know. Just being somewhere else, finding new and exotic spots. These times really force us to withdraw from expanding our territory. Before all of this I went to places like Iceland, Jamaica, Surinam, you name it. Recently during summer I tried a trip to the camping of Tomorrowland. The idea of it was quite awesome, but it got cold and wet. So, after a day or 2 I got back home. I’m really not the camping type, and they even called it Glamping. Haha can you imagine!

Since I moved in here I spend a lot of time at home. In the end I’m a homebody. Give me a blanket, my dog at my feet, put on the fireplace and even working from home can be peaceful."