_Eat, read, rest, be
[ together ]

The Dutch expression, 'op verhaal komen' defines the synchronization of the inner time to the outer time. It’s like reminding yourself to the act of doing, the happenings and experiences from a past period and using it to create a story. To grasp the essence and to sort the wheat from the chaff. This expression has inspired us to define the essence of our label.

"Flexibility becomes a prescribed way of life, a new kind of amnesia – That was yesterday, my dear. Flexibility dissolves the foundations of companies and of society in general – we have a new horizon. In the Western world, flexibility and mobility change every molecule in our bodies."

- T. Seeling -

"Free to discover the space themselves
and to give it meaning."
- S. Fujimoto -

"The western society characterize itself by the reduce of influence of substantial stories on our personal life. Our small story, the story we have created ourselves has become all too important and an imperative source of identity and meaning."

- E. Bohlmeijer -