Designer's Note_

Schiedam, the Netherlands.
April 26, 2020

After years of shaping thoughts & ideas and giving direction to my creative proces, I wanted to launch Days of Tumult in the winter of 2020. But then the virus hit the world…contradictions all over. It put the name of the label, Days of Tumult, in a different context and I had to reconsider my designs to this new situation.

I wanted to connect my collection with the internal dialogues I had during these days of tumult. Tumult has never had such a current meaning, finding calmness to synchronize felt urgent and being together was never that precious [ challenging at the same time..? ]. Materialism is being questioned again because what do we really need when our focus is on the most important: health of humans and our planet. Ironically, more than ever I feel the need to create a home-nest filled with objects we feel inspired by. Objects which we cherish and make our home simply beautiful. My family and I are trying to find a safety zone of togetherness more than ever. The habit of, for example, eating together has become the highlight of the day.

Days of Tumult. The story of my life; always in search of friction and the small intimacy of human & [living] things. As a designer I want to create and truly feel the need to synchronize [ Op verhaal komen ].

I don't know if you guys are waiting for this collection in these uncertain times but I created it with tons of butterflies & passion and I simply couldn’t wait any longer.

Be safe!
Maruschka Kartosonto